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Virtual Elementary School (VES) provides high quality Ontario-based content for elementary learners. Each course is written and developed by industry leaders with the individual learner in mind. VES courses contain premium content, detailed outlines, lessons, exercises, activities, assignments, and quizzes. Your child may start his or her course(s) any day and move through the course(s) at their own pace. There are two types of learning offered at VES: Independent or Facilitated.

Independent Facilitated

The Independent Pathway


If the Independent route is chosen, you at home become the coach who provides guidance to students along their journey. You will:

  • Guide the student through the course;
  • Answer content-based questions;
  • Use answer keys (where available) and rubrics to mark activities and assignments;
  • Track student achievement using an automated spreadsheet that calculates unit and final grades.
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The Facilitated Pathway


If the Facilitated route is chosen, a certified teacher guides your child through the course. Your child may benefit from having the guidance of a teacher in one subject, but may not find this necessary in another subject. The teacher will be responsible for:

  • Guiding your child through the course;
  • Answering content-based questions;
  • Marking activities and assignments;
  • Providing detailed feedback;
  • Submitting a progress report, a midterm, and a final report.
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