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Frequently Asked Questions


At VES, students are able to enroll in courses any day of the year.

No. Students can complete a VES course from anywhere in the world! All they will need is an Internet connection.

Students can proceed through their courses as quickly or slowly as they desire. There is no schedule for assignment completion - students decide when to hand in their assignments and when to take their tests within a 12-month time limit.

No. Everything students need is found within the courses. All of the course content is available online for students to work through. There are no textbooks required, with the exception of some of our language courses in which material, such as a novel that cannot be presented online, may need to be purchased or borrowed from a library.

The difference between the two pathways is that one is teacher-led and the other is parent-led. In the Facilitated (teacher-led) courses, an Ontario Certified Teacher supports students and is available to answer questions, mark assignments, and report on student achievement. The Independent (parent-led) courses require a parent or learning coach to assume the role of the teacher. The lessons, examples, exercises, tests, assignments, and activities are identical no matter which path you choose.

If a child chooses the Independent pathway, the parent or learning coach is responsible for guiding the student through the course. At VES, we believe that gathering information that accurately reflects how well a student is achieving expectations of a subject is central to the learning process. For this reason, upon registration, parents will have access to solution documents (where available), rubrics, and a fillable gradebook which tracks student achievement from start to finish.

Students interact with teachers within the learning environment, typically by email and via a Dropbox. Students submit their work to the Dropbox where teachers provide feedback on activities and assignments. This feature allows the student to submit work at any time.

Yes. VES provides students with all of the documentation required to facilitate the transition. Some students choose to go from VES to VHS ( where they can earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma online.

No. In Ontario, credits are not issued at the elementary level.

In Facilitated courses, students will receive a final report card and certificate of completion. In the Independent courses, students are provided with a gradebook and course outline to document their learning.

Yes. VES can be used to supplement the material your child is learning in their day school. VES can also help students who wish to fast-track through a subject.

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Yes! Visit our demo course to preview a lesson from each course.

Yes. A student has the option to transfer from one course to another at any time within the 12-month completion deadline. An administrative fee will apply. If a student transfers into a new course, the 12-month deadline will not refresh. The student will be required to complete the new course within the original 12-month deadline, based upon the enrolment date of the original course. Transfers will not be available to a student who has completed more than three assessments in a Facilitated course. Transfers from an independent course to a facilitated course can only be completed for the same course code.

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