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Introducing Grades 1–8
Mathematics Courses

Online Elementary Level Math Courses Available Now!

We are thrilled to launch our new Grades 1–8 Mathematics courses! Our team has been working hard to write and develop engaging, interactive math courses that foster achievement and instill positive math mindsets.

Our courses ensure that students have the opportunity to master foundational math concepts, equipping them with the skills they need to progress, excel, and think positively about mathematics throughout their education.

Throughout the courses, students will follow engaging storylines and solve real-life problems. A combination of technology and offline activities creates a balanced environment that engages various learning styles.


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Program Highlights

  • Every specific expectation in the Ontario curriculum is covered in our courses.
  • Lessons follow a gradual release model, transferring responsibility from the teacher to the learner throughout the learning process.
  • Short skill drill activities are available in most lessons, which give students the opportunity to practice basic recall skills on a regular basis.
  • Practice is presented in a fun, engaging way using games such as bingo.
  • Entertaining characters guide students through each course.
  • Courses promote a positive outlook by incorporating growth mindset language and using mistakes as opportunities to learn.
  • “Unplug” activities allow students to complete offline, hands-on activities.