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At Virtual Elementary School (VES), we strive to provide a learning experience that is engaging and motivating, while allowing students to work at their own pace within a secure and safe online learning environment. Our interactive educational content is designed by professionals to help ignite a passion for learning that will prepare students for current and future studies. Each VES course supports your homeschooling needs by providing thorough lessons, activities, and assessments along with an additional support option of a qualified teacher. Join us for one of our upcoming open houses as we showcase the VES learning experience that hundreds of families have chosen to support their homeschooling program.

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“I dance all day, six days a week. I do schoolwork in the mornings, at lunch hour, and after dinner. Doing this course allows me to work on it as much as I want, whenever I want. I have the ability to do what I love, without compromising my schoolwork. I can’t say enough about this well-designed and well-organized online experience! VES is highly recommended!”

- Anna Turkington, VES Student