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Virtual Elementary School (VES) enables you to plan your child’s own unique experience, so you decide how, when, and where your child completes the course! You set the schedule for your child to move through course as quickly or as slowly as you like within a 12 month time limit. Register online, and start within 24 hours.

Upon selecting the Register button, you will be redirected to The registration process for VES is completed using the same system that is used when registering with Virtual High School.

Course Outline
Grade 1 Mathematics Outline
Grade 2 Mathematics Outline
Grade 3 Mathematics Outline
Grade 4 Mathematics Outline
Grade 5 Language Outline
Grade 5 Mathematics Outline
Grade 6 Language Outline
Grade 6 Mathematics Outline
Grade 6 Science & Technology Outline
Grade 7 Language Outline
Grade 7 Mathematics Outline
Grade 7 Science & Technology Outline
Grade 8 Language Outline
Grade 8 Mathematics Outline
Grade 8 Science & Technology Outline

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