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Terms of Service

Refund Policy

Please note that Virtual Elementary School does not issue refunds. Within hours of registration, our administrative team undertakes many tasks to complete the enrolment of the student. Virtual Elementary School incurs the cost of these tasks upon enrolment. Even if the student does not begin the course, the preliminary work in our office will be completed.

Course Transfer Policy

A student has the option to transfer from one course to another at any time within the 12-month completion deadline*. If a student transfers into a new course, the 12-month deadline will not refresh. The student will be required to complete the new course within the original 12-month deadline, based upon the enrolment date of the original course. If a student requests a transfer, an administrative fee will apply.

*Transfers will not be available to a student who has completed more than three assessments in a facilitated course or to a student who has extended the course past the initial 12-month deadline. Students cannot transfer from an independent course to another independent course. Transfers from an independent course to a facilitated course can only be completed for the same course code. Transfers from a facilitated course to an independent course must be completed within seven days of registration.

Student Enrolment Policy

There is no set schedule for a student to follow, nor are there due dates for completing assignments. The student may start their course within 24 hours of registration and move through it at their own pace (Note: registrations that occur on holidays will be enrolled on the next day). The only restriction is that the course must be completed within 12 months of enrolment. A student will be removed from a course if they do not complete it within 12 months.

All policies may be modified at any time on the Virtual Elementary School website. The use of Virtual Elementary School courses indicates that the student and/or parent/guardian accepts these policies.