6 Advantages of Online Learning

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who have discovered the advantages of online learning and those who are about to. It’s kind of our jam, so excuse us as we continue with obvious enthusiasm.

Here are the main advantages of online learning:

  1. It’s convenient. No need to leave the house. No packing lunches. No early morning battles for the bathroom. All you need is a connected device. In education, as in life, never underestimate the comfort factor.
  2. It’s flexible. Online learning tends to be self-paced. For this reason, online learning resources are super versatile. It’s never been easier to accommodate and respond to individual learner needs.
  3. It’s interactive. You won’t find any fun police patrolling online courses and resources. Quality content rendered in rich media and interactive elements makes for a genuinely immersive and engaging learning experience. Kids deserve to enjoy their education.
  4. It’s character-building. Because online learning is generally self-paced, it fosters important life skills like self-discipline and responsibility. Younger online learners have the opportunity to practice online communication, use technology, and research online.
  5. It’s accessible. No need to shop around for curriculum packages, readers, books, planners, and teacher manuals. You can access online course content anytime. It pays to have everything you need in one place.
  6. It’s eco-friendly. Paperless learning and greener computing—these are a few of online learning’s favourite things. Online learning reduces waste and the negative environmental impacts that come from manufacturing goods, transporting materials, and consuming energy.

Online Learning at Home

Anyone can enjoy the advantages of online courses and resources, but they especially make sense for home learning families. The delivery method itself presents unique opportunities. Some home educators, for example, use online courses and resources to introduce their young learners to connected technology in a safe, educational context.

Because it can address a huge range of student needs and challenges, online courses and curricula bridge public and private education systems while serving full-time home learning families, hybrid homeschoolers, and homeschooling-curious parents alike.

The upshot is that online learning delivers more freedom and choice. That should be music to the ears of any home learning family.

Have you ever used online courses or resources in your home learning program? We would love to hear about your experiences. Join the conversation in the comments!

Published On: August 29, 2019