Grade 5 French

In Grade 5 French, our students will practice speaking about their family, physical attributes, hobbies, and future dreams. Students will refine their listening skills by exploring musical instruments and French music. Students will read texts about the weather, calendars, and the four seasons. Students will also read biographies, write their own biography, and use adjectives to describe people. This course is designed to be 120 instructional hours.

Curriculum Information: French (2013)

Developed by: D2L

Development Date: 2021

Please note that elementary courses do not have prerequisites, and Ontario schools do not issue transcript credits at the elementary level. All courses are available in the facilitated and independent pathways.



C’est moi!

In the C’est moi! unit, students will use speaking strategies to describe their family, physical attributes, things they like and dislike, and their favourite pastimes. They will use different verb tenses to talk about their dreams for the future and practise sentences related to their manners. Further, our students will practise listening to others when they speak and use active listening strategies to ensure their understanding.

La musique

In the La musique unit, students will explore listening strategies to help them identify musical instruments and genres. They will explore the emotion and meaning of songs, identify and create rhymes, and express their reactions to music. They will also listen to traditional songs and Quebecois singers to deepen their understanding of French culture.

La météo

In the La météo unit, students will relate calendars and seasons to one another, exploring colder times and warmer times of the year. They will read texts about rain, speak about the daily weather, and use proper punctuation in dialogue. Furthermore, students will use reading strategies as they learn about energy sources and writing strategies as they describe different locations.

Les biographies

In the Les biographies unit, students will learn how to describe people using various types of adjectives. They will explore biographies of their peers as well as inspirational and famous figures. Students will also learn about different nationalities and traditions, and research heroes to write their biographies.

This course is entirely online and does not require nor rely on any textbook. Students will require the following resources:

  • A scanner, smartphone camera, or similar device to digitize handwritten or hand-drawn work
  • A device to record audio
  • A printer
  • A physical binder, folder, or notebook for offline activities
  • A dictionary
  • Various household items to complete offline activities
  • Paper, pencil

Through a balance of problem-solving and direct instruction, students develop a strong foundation of French processes, knowledge, and skills to apply in real-world contexts. The course utilizes a combination of technology and offline activities, providing opportunities to develop an understanding of skills and concepts in interactive and concrete ways and engage multiple learning styles. The lessons feature a variety of intriguing storylines, characters, videos, storybooks, and interactive games to reinforce students’ learning. These activities also build a foundation of reading, writing, speaking, and listening that students will use throughout the elementary grades.

The course relies on the assistance of a learning coach who supports young students as they move through the content. The learning coach will be involved in facilitating technical aspects of the course and in participating in discussion-based activities to assist students in developing communication skills.

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