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Learning Coach Portal

At Virtual Elementary School, we give you the tools to support your learner while providing an autonomous  educational experience. Learning coaches are provided with a login to access and monitor the learners progress throughout the courses. This login will allow you to: 

View Course Content

Access the lessons and assessments as your learner completes the work so you can answer questions, provide guidance, or support in gathering required materials. 

Track Progress

View your learner’s login history, time spent in the course, topics visited, and quiz and test results to identify strengths and areas where your learner may require extra support.  

In addition to viewing course content and tracking course progress, this login will allow you to do the following in facilitated courses: 

Communicate with the Teacher

Reach the teacher directly using your login to discuss your learner’s progress. All communication with students and teachers occurs through VES’s secure online learning management system.

View Completed Assessments

Monitor the assessments submitted to the teacher, grades received, and the feedback provided.