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VES Student Spotlight: Aanya Sinha

January 18, 2023|

One of the great advantages of studying with Virtual Elementary School is getting to learn the Ontario curriculum while living ANYWHERE in the world!

Accessibility in Online Learning

August 4, 2022|

At Virtual Elementary School (VES), our top priority is developing accessible online courses, materials, and activities to optimize each student’s learning experience! Our courses

Student Spotlight: Malcolm St. Pierre

June 8, 2022|

Meet Malcolm St. Pierre, a Grade 4 Facilitated Math student at Virtual Elementary School and this month’s addition to the Student Spotlight Series! It came

Why a Growth Mindset Matters

May 13, 2022|

Few words are as discouraging to hear from a student as “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good at that.” If students believe that

Student Spotlight: Théodore von Fliedner

April 1, 2022|

As we’ve begun expanding the Virtual Elementary School student community activities, we’ve had the great fortune of getting to know our resident animal enthusiast, Théodore