Grade 4 Health and Physical Education

In Grade 4 Health and Physical Education, our students will learn how make safe decisions online and while engaging in physical activity. Students will begin developing fundamental skills while playing a variety of games. They will investigate the overall importance of healthy behaviours. Students will engage in fitness activities, gymnastics, and creative movements, exploring the positive effects of physical activity on overall well-being. They will begin to learn about puberty and the importance of personal hygiene and managing stress. This course is designed to be 50-75 instructional hours.

Curriculum Information: Health and Physical Education (2019)

Developed by: D2L

Development Date: 2021

Please note that elementary courses do not have prerequisites, and Ontario schools do not issue transcript credits at the elementary level. All courses are available in the facilitated and independent pathways.



Personal and Physical Safety

In the Personal and Physical Safety unit, students learn to demonstrate responsibility for their own safety and safety of others as they participate in physical activities. Students will learn to apply a range of social-emotional learning skills to make good decisions that better their personal health and well-being.


In the Games unit, students learn the basic components and common features of individual, target, net/wall, striking/fielding, and territory games. By participating regularly in a wide variety of physical activities, students will learn how to enhance their abilities and how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives.

Healthy Behaviours

In the Healthy Behaviours unit, students learn to develop healthy eating habits by identifying the importance of nutrients provided by food and beverages. Students will learn about the substances found in tobacco and vaping products, and the short-and long-term effects of smoking on their health and those around them. Further, students will learn how to make healthy and informed decisions about smoking and vaping.

Creative Movement and Activities

In the Creative Movement and Activities unit, students learn to perform static balances, locomotor movements and the ability to control the landing of jumps during gymnastics, dance, and other activities. Students will also learn what motivates them to be physically active and how to fitness activities impact their physical and mental health. Further, students will create a fitness goal and use critical thinking and self-awareness skills to help them reach that goal.

Human Development

In the Human Development and Mental Health unit, students learn about the physical changes that happen during puberty and the emotional and social impacts that may result due to these changes. Students will understand the importance of personal care and hygiene. Further, students will learn how to manage and cope with stress to help create a positive impact on their mental health.

This course is entirely online and does not require nor rely on any textbook. Students will require the following resources:

  • A scanner, smartphone camera, or similar device to digitize handwritten or hand-drawn work
  • A device to record audio
  • A printer
  • A physical binder, folder, or notebook for offline activities
  • Various household items to complete offline activities
  • Socks, broom or stick, cans or water bottles

Through a balance of problem-solving and direct instruction, students develop a strong foundation of health and physical education processes, knowledge, and skills to apply in real-world contexts. The course utilizes a combination of technology and offline activities, providing opportunities to develop an understanding of skills and concepts in interactive and concrete ways and engage multiple learning styles. The lessons feature a variety of intriguing storylines, characters, videos, storybooks, and interactive games to reinforce students’ learning. These activities also build a foundation of health and physical education-related terms that students will use throughout the elementary grades.

The course relies on the assistance of a teacher to support young students through the content. The teacher will be involved in facilitating the course content, and participating in discussion-based activities to assist students in developing communication skills.

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