July Update

It’s been a minute since we gave you a peek at the exciting changes coming soon to Virtual Elementary School, so let’s dive in!

VES is launching a new website next month! The website will have a fresh look and feel to it. Think colour. Think fun. Think creativity. We’ve got lots of videos lined up for this site, including course outline previews that will give you an idea of exactly what learners can expect in our new courses. The new site is also going to have a lot more information about our school and how it works so that you can be sure that we’re the right fit for your learner. Our website address is staying the same, so you’ll still know exactly where to find us!

We’re also gearing up to reveal our new Learning Management System in August. What’s a Learning Management System, you ask? In a nut shell, it’s the educational software that we use to deliver and oversee our courses. When you’re clicking around through the course material or submitting assignments, you’re using the LMS!

The major update with our new LMS will be the installation of an introduction course instead of an introduction unit within each course. It’s not as confusing as it may seem, we promise! Let’s break it down a little. The introduction course will still cover everything that our current introduction unit in each course does: the principal’s welcome, student code of conduct, school administration, course navigation tips, and learning coach resources. We’ve just decided to compile it all in one location instead of spreading out the same information in each individual course that your learner may be enrolled in. Essentially, it’ll be a one-stop shop for all things related to VES policies and procedures. All students, new and returning, will have access to our introduction course.

And, finally, the moment we know you’ve all been waiting for! Our revamped Grade 7 Science and Grade 8 Science courses will be ready for registrations in the first week of August! They’ll still align with the same Ontario curriculum, so they’ll incorporate all of the good stuff, like problem-solving skills and hands-on experiments. However, we’ve overhauled the course structure itself and created brand-new assessments for an improved learning experience. We hope that you’ll enjoy the vibrant and creative additions that we’ve included!

Our extended line-up of elementary course offerings is still on track for this fall, so keep checking in to see our upcoming course launches over the next few months. We’ve also got lots of fun content scheduled for our YouTube channel and Facebook page, so head over there for all of the latest and greatest adventures going on at Virtual Elementary School!

Published On: July 29, 2021