Junior Courses (Grades 4—6)

In our courses for grades 4 to 6, students wear many hats while they explore topics first-hand as scientists, mathematicians, and more within their home and community. Students will develop a positive mindset about learning and build confidence in their ability to overcome challenging situations.

The math courses continue to broaden students’ understanding of numbers, measurements, and data management, while also deepening their knowledge of financial literacy and coding. Students taking the language courses will explore both traditional and new media forms, such as graphic novels and podcasts. To continue their science and technology journeys, students will take a hands-on approach when learning about gears, pulleys, and structures and delve further into environmental topics. The social studies courses focus on Canadian history and geography by looking at the origin of Canada as a country and Canada’s involvement in the global community.

We’re also pleased to now offer French and physical education at the junior level! Students will learn how to speak about themselves, events, music, and other important aspects of francophone life in the French courses. Throughout the health and physical education courses, students will develop technical and physical skills for games and choreographed movements, as well as explore important concepts concerning development and mental health.

What is unique about our approach to teaching at the junior level?

Throughout the junior courses, students build upon the concepts that they have learned in earlier grades. By completing more complex interactives, activities, and assessments that require higher-order thinking, they are given the opportunity to apply their learning in new and challenging ways.

As students progress through the junior grades, they will start to take more steps to learn independently and apply self-reflection techniques to both the course content and their own learning styles.

What are the benefits of using online courses to teach junior students?

At this age, students begin to take more initiative and responsibility for their own learning. Online courses enhance their ability to do this by permitting them to focus on specific areas they are finding more challenging. Online courses also allow more time to review the teaching content at their own pace and remove the pressure of studying in the classroom.

Junior students increasingly begin to build their sense of self and develop broadening curiosities and interests. Our student-centred, open-ended questions, activities, and assessments allow them to guide their own learning in a way that aligns with those curiosities and interests.

What do we do to set up junior learners for success?

Every course is designed to cover each specific expectation of the Ontario curriculum. By offering step-by-step examples and explanations throughout the courses, VES builds the platform for students to clearly understand the content and then provides ample opportunities for the application of the knowledge they obtain.


Published On: October 13, 2021